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Apr 9, 2013 12:35 AM by Steven Albritton

Man Facing Murder Charges Could Have Ties To Jennings 8

Authorities are looking at a possible connection between a suspected serial killer and Louisiana after an arrest is made in Los Angeles. DNA evidence has connected 72 year-old Samuel Little to the murders of three women in California. He has a rap sheet more than 100 pages long, across 24 states and over 56 years. Detectives in L.A. say he is a serial killer who traveled the country preying on prostitutes, drug addicts and troubled women.

Little has been known to travel the I-10 corridor across the country which runs right through Louisiana. Tracking his whereabouts, police say he has been in Slidell, New Orleans and most recently in Lake Charles. His presence there has raised questions in Jeff Davis Parish about a possible connection to the Jennings 8. From 2005 to 2009, 8 women were mysteriously murdered in Jennings. All the victims were found nude or partially clothed and all lived a high risk lifestyle.

"He would basically shoplift from stores. Whether it was pants or radios or electronics, and then he would sell these items out of the trunk of his car. He would then use that money to supplement his drinking, bar hopping and his activities at night," Detective Mitzi Roberts of the Los Angeles Police Department said.

His profile seems to fit the bill for the unsolved crimes in Jennings. Jeff Davis Deputies say they were told about Little in February of this year, but so far, have found no evidence to connect him to the Jennings area just yet.

"Some of the places that he's been arrested, like Los Angeles, and some of these cities like Slidell and New Orleans, when you get into Mississippi, Alabama and Florida you can tell that he favored that I-10 route," Detective Roberts said.

Los Angeles detectives say although they have no proof Little was in Jeff Davis, or Acadiana, he shouldn't be immediately ruled out as a suspect in cases here. Detectives say he frequently traveled I-10, and there are big chunks of time where he cannot be accounted for. Only when he documented his stay, through an arrest or a hotel receipt, do they know where he was.

We know he was in New Orleans in November of 1980, Slidell in November of 1982 and June of 1988, and in Lake Charles in May of 2012.

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