Dec 21, 2011 7:23 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Mamou Mayor Says Electric Scooters are Becoming a Problem

Electric scooters are a common sight on the streets in Mamou, whether it's going to the store or to a friends house, many residents like Woodrow Wilson rely on their scooter to get around.

He said, "I can take it on the road, sidewalks, anywhere."

Earl Apache said he even takes his out of town.

"I get sixty miles in this one," he said. "I go 30 miles one way and then come back 30."

Many take their scooters out on busy streets. Mayor Ricky Fontenot said
it's becoming dangerous for drivers in scooters and vehicles.

"We've had a couple of close calls, but no one has really got hit by them yet or seriously injured," he explained.

Legally motor scooters can be used out on these highways as long as the speed limit is under 25 miles per. However, officials can put a stop to that if it's becoming a road hazard.

Council members are thinking about setting limits on where scooters can be used in town and also discussing ways to make scooter drivers stand out.

Mayor Fontenot said, "we want to find some kind of prevention, whether it's a vest or a flag where they can be seen."

Wilson said he hasn't had a close call yet, but thinks it would be helpful if there were more sidewalks in town.

Council members will discuss possible new policies at the next council meeting in January.



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