Nov 1, 2013 6:15 PM by Letitia Walker

MacKenzie Bourg waiting for plane in LAX terminal when shooting begins

Among those in the terminal when the shots rang out was Lafayette's own MacKenzie Bourg. Bourg is in Los Angeles, having just finished recording a CD following his appearance on "The Voice" last year.

Just before noon, Bourg tweeted "literally can't believe the shootings were in my terminal at LAX and steps away, what is wrong with the world cmon love somebody already". 

Bourg tells us he missed his 6:30 a.m. flight and was sleeping in the terminal, waiting for the next flight when he woke up to gunfire. He says everyone started running, and he continued to hear the gunfire. Bourg says though the situation was handled quickly and efficiently by first responders. However, he has been sequestered with all of the other passengers for hours inside the terminal. He tells us there was barely room to move in any direction. He says they weren't given an estimated timetable on when they'd be allowed to leave or what was needed of the passengers who were there.

Bourg was en route to Tampa where he was meeting family members to go on a cruise. He's hoping to fly out of a another airport, whenever he can leave LAX.



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