Jan 25, 2013 6:40 PM by Kristen Holloway

LUS Customers Can Improve Vermilion River While Saving Money

If you're an LUS customer, there's a way to save money that you may not know about and it also improves the quality of the Vermilion River.

"When it rains, water goes to the storm drain or ditches it leads to the vermilion river and we're part of the Vermilion Bayou Water Shed so we want to protect the water quality," said Public Works Regulatory Compliance Officer Kelia Bingham.

To prevent river pollution in the Vermilion, Lafayette Utilities System and Public works have teamed up to get customers using rain barrels.

"It helps you save on your water bill because you're conserving water so basically every time you turn the hose on you charged to use that water but also to treat it so if you use rain water it's healthier, you save water, you save a little bit of money and you help protect the river," said Bingham.

Here's how it works out, homeowners connect the barrel spigot to either a down spout or a low lying section of their roof such as a valley just where most water runs off. For the most effective use, the rain water barrel must be elevated to get a greater amount of water pressure and clearance of the spigot with the lid sealed.

"For one barrel you can conserve 1300 gallons of water in a typical summer season," said Utilities Conservation Specialist Lisa Mahoney.

There are about 100 barrels left but you must be an LUS customer to purchase.

If you've pre-ordered a rain barrel, you can pick it up on March 16th at the Dean Domingues compost facility between 8a.m. and noon. If you want one, you can purchase a barrel online at click on "rain barrel program" or contact Lisa Mahoney with LUS at 337-291-8194.



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