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Lundi Gras a Hit, with Two Parades and the Bonaparte Ball

Posted: Feb 20, 2012 10:46 PM by Maddie Garrett & Jim Hummel
Source: KATC
Updated: Feb 20, 2012 10:47 PM

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Lundi Gras festivities lasted well into the night Monday evening, with two parades rolling through the streets of Lafayette and a ball to wrap it all up. The Children's Parade, rescheduled due to rain on Saturday, ran right in front of the Queen's Parade Monday night. It was the first time the Children's Parade took place on a Monday night.

"Saturday was a bummer with the rain, so we're excited that today's working out great," said Angelle Adams, at the parade with her family.

"I was sad but I knew they were going to have another one so I was pretty happy," said parade participant and fourth grader Lauren Domingue.

Parade officials said they had about double the crowd for the Children's Parade because of the fact that the Queen's Parade ran at the same time.

And there was plenty of pomp and circumstance for Queen Evangeline as crowds enjoyed the parade, the second one for the night.

And to wrap up the night, the Krewe of Bonaparte held it's 40th annual Mardi Gras Ball. To celebrate the milestone, the original founders of the Krewe were in attendance, as well as King Gabriel and Queen Evangeline.

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