Aug 12, 2010 7:27 PM by Shawn Kline

Lt. Governor extends local invite to President Obama

The Shrimp and Petroleum Festival is coming-up Labor Day weekend.
Among the new attractions, organizers are trying to construct the world's largest poboy- but that may be overshadowed by a visit from President Obama.
It's all speculation at this time- Lt. Governor Scott Angelle extended the invite to his coworker in the federal government, but the President has yet to RSVP.
Angelle says he'd like the President to get to know the workers and families affected by this moratorium and the Shrimp and Petroleum Festival highlights and celebrates the work of those dedicated individuals.
Ashley Galloway is one of them.
Walk into his office just once and you can see- he was raised on the high seas.
"I was shrimp king in 1960," Galloway recalls.
That was back when the king was determined by the amount of shrimp the fisher pulled-in that year.
In 1960, Galloway unloaded the most.
Today, he works a fleet operation for off-shore rigs. The moratorium may have affected that industry but Galloway says he'd welcome the Presidential visit.
"Personally," Galloway said. "It would be nice."
He's not the only one looking forward to the possibility of the first-ever visit by a President to Morgan City.
Mayor Timothy Matte says it would be nice to show the Prez around town- giving him a first-hand look at the families affected by the oil.
"These people not only work on the rigs," Matte says. "They live here- they hunt, fish and enjoy what Louisiana has to offer."
Matte says he considers the oil workers environmentalists- they don't like the oil in the marshland any more than the federal government does.
However, they do what they have to do to support their families and they'd welcome the President into Morgan City to see that.
"It's the President of the United States," Matte said. "We're all Americans and we could certainly (welcome him)."
On the other hand, Shrimp and Petroleum Festival organizers see both sides. Nelson B. Cortez explains:
"Personally," Cortez says, "I'd like to have the opportunity to meet the gentleman."
However, Cortez sees implications as to the security of the festival- it would change how the festival is organized and run.
Cortez does say that if the White House called, they'd be ready.


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