Sep 22, 2010 7:14 PM by MIKE MAGNOLI

Lt. Gov. Race Round-Up

It's an eclectic bunch to say the least and the job of Lt. Gov. in many ways is like being a cheerleader for Louisiana.  Bringing tourism to the state is among the top responsibilities for the office, and if the governor were to die in office or resign, the Lt. Gov. takes his place.  So who are these people?

6 men, 2 women, only 3 of the candidates are Democrats.

Sec of State Jay Dardenne wants to be Lt. Gov.  He has 15 years experience in the state senate and when he ran for re election as sec. of state back in 2007 he received 64 percent of the vote-- an indicator he has a wide following in Louisiana.

Country singer Sammy Kershaw has a wide following in the music world. One of his best known hits: She don't know she's beautiful.  One of Kershaw's platform issues is drawing attention to other tourist destinations in the state, not just New Orleans. 
Caroline Fayard is from New Orleans: Her commercial tagline is "the career politicians have failed us." She is a lawyer and has worked in Washington D.C. and for Goldman Sachs.   

Kevin Davis is the parish president of St. Tammany.  He led an effort to convert old railroad tracks in the parish-- into walking trails.  The project received national publicity and Davis testified about it before congress.

Roger villere is a party man.  That is to say he's the president of the Louisiana Republican party and he has been a committee member for the RNC.  He says he wants to abolish personal income taxes in Louisiana.

Butch Gautreaux is a state senator, previously a state representative.  Gautreaux chairs a committee overseeing state retirement systems and says he takes a bipartisan approach to all issues.

Jim Crowley is parish president from north Louisiana.  He says one of his proudest accomplishments is bringing a General Motors plant to Shreveport that created jobs.  He has run for several state offices before, but has never won.

Melanie Mcknight has never run for office before, she is from the medical world and specializes in kidney disease.  Her practice is in Baton Rouge.

     and the election is october 2nd- those are your candidates for lt. gov. live in the newsroom, mike magnoli katc tv 3.  


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