Jan 19, 2010 11:43 PM by Jim Hummel

LSU Faculty Protest Cuts

LSU marked it's 150th anniversary Tuesday, but sesquicentennial celebrations may have been overshadowed by a more solemn occasion put on by dozens of faculty and staff.

"They organized today's funeral for the University," said chair of the LSU English Department Anna Nardo.

Symbolic of a funeral, the silent protest comes in the wake of massive budget cuts for LSU.  Some $12.6-million, which could jeopardize the employment of 166 instructors on campus.  Instructors like June Pullial, who has been with the English Department for 23 years.

"This really isn't a pity party for instructors, what we want to do is let the public know how these cuts and other cuts will affect the quality of instruction," Pullial said.

But LSU's problem is actually the state's problem.  In all $84-million was cut from higher education statewide, to curb a $248-million deficit.  Now leaving state education leaders looking for a way to shift the target off higher education, should more cuts follow.

"Everyone's working on that I believe, it's a different challenge, we're living in a time when the entire country is suffering as we are," said LSU Chancellor Dr. Michael Martin.

Martin says the university is also working to prepare for more cuts that could be on the horizon, due to expected declines in state revenue.


Jim Hummel


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