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Dec 13, 2012 3:53 PM by Ian Auzenne

LSU AgCenter Warns of Crazy, Hairy Ants

Agents at the LSU AgCenter are warning Acadiana residents traveling to New Orleans to watch out for "crazy, hairy ants." The ants have found homes across the in Texas, Mississippi, Florida, and Eastern Louisiana. Dennis Ring, an entomologist with the LSU AgCenter, say the ants have not spread to the western part of the state, but they can travel in potted plants, cars, or any other moveable object on the ground. Ring says these ants are not a health concern like fire ants, but they are a nuisance due to the number that inhabit an area. He says hundreds of these ants congregate in one place within five seconds and can displace other living organisms in a yard. If you have any questions or concerns about "crazy, hairy ants," call the LSU Entomology Department at 225-578-1634.


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