May 6, 2013 10:48 PM by Steven Albritton

LPSS Issues Statement Regarding Recent Bomb Threats

After three bomb threats this year, two in the past week , Lafayette Parish School Administrators say "enough is enough." The threats were very specific, and referenced pressure cooker bombs like those used in the Boston Marathon bombings.

Thursday, Broussard Middle School was evacuated. The next day, students were evacuated from L.J. Alleman Middle School while authorities investigated. In both cases nothing was ever found, but administrators think students could be to blame trying to pull end of the year pranks or to get out of class work.

Dr. Pat Cooper sent out a letter to parents across the parish, saying he's had enough. He wants parents to talk to their children about how serious it is to call in a bomb threat.

"We just want to make sure the kids understand this is a serious deal. You don't write those kind of threats for fun," Dr. Cooper said.

With recent tragedies in Boston and Sandy Hook so fresh on the minds, all threats have to be taken seriously.

"Things are very serious. When peoples lives are lost, I think we have to really make sure kids understand you just don't joke about that," Dr. Cooper said.

Cooper says the consequences for a student caught making these threats could be expulsion and criminal charges. Parents could even face paying for the police investigation.

"We are going to investigate them. If we find them, we're going to prosecute because this is not just something against school rules; it's also against the law," Dr. Cooper said.

As for the bomb threats, administrators say they still haven't found whoever is responsible, but they will continue to investigate. If found, that person could be charged with terrorizing and face up to a $15,000 fine, or even 15 years in jail.



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