Feb 20, 2013 11:52 PM by Erin Steuber

LPSS Getting Attorney General's Opinion on Controversial Hire

Questions about qualifications and policy dominated the Lafayette Parish School Board meeting. All this after a controversial hire, who does not have a high school diploma, but technically needs one for his job as a Special Assistant to the Superintendent. Upset by that, board member Tehmi Chiasson set out to eliminate funding for that position, and effectively eliminate the position all together. The board did not agree to eliminate the funding, but did agree to get an opinion from the Attorney General on exactly what powers they have in the situation.

Although an Attorney General's opinion will still be pending, as to what powers the board has in the matter, the board will vote on funding for the position at their next meeting.

Chaisson introduced another topic on the agenda. He proposed to make it mandatory for all consultants, hired by the school system, to have a high school diploma, or GED. The board voted to pass the motion, making it mandatory for anyone who provides professional advice to the school system to have this minimum education requirement.

"The fact that older board members supported a move like this, and they know better, is appalling," said LPSS Board Member Mark Cockerham.

"I didn't understand anyone that voted against it because we're asking our kids to strive for the stars," said Chaisson. "Yet, we're not going to hold anyone in the system accountable."

"Now we're requiring a lot of people to do a lot of work, maybe causing a lot of people to lose jobs because we have one person in our sights," said LPSS Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper.



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