Apr 23, 2013 11:54 PM by Steven Albritton

LPSS Bus Driver Facing Disciplinary Action After Railroad Crossing Citation

A Lafayette Parish school bus driver is waiting to learn his fate. He was given a ticket for driving his bus around a railroad crossing while the lights were flashing. At the time, their were also 30 students on the bus. According to Lafayette Parish Deputies, Daniel Gary went around through the intersection at Verot School road and the Evangeline Thruway. The ticket says the train was moving at 35 mph and was approximately 200 feet away from the bus.

"It's an extremely serious violation of the law. I mean it's state law, local law and school board policy. Any time you endanger the lives of children we, of course, take it extremely seriously," LPSS Transportation Director Bill Samec said.

Gary was still on his route Tuesday dropping off students. We tried to speak with him after he finished his route but we were told he would not comment on the incident until he had spoken with the school board. Samec says he's never had an issue with Gary and also said he has a clean driving record while employed with LPSS

"wow. How does this happen? I've been running through my mind excuses all day, and I can't come up with one," Samec said.

Some parents were told by their children that their bus was pulled over on Monday. Those we spoke to weren't aware of the seriousness of the violation.

"I can't believe it actually happened. I'm kind of shaken up and kind of nervous about it; and about who they have driving the kids around and of their safety," Patrice Marbury said.

Samec says he chose not to discipline Gary immediately because he wanted to give him a chance to explain what happened. A meeting is scheduled Wednesday morning to discuss the incident.



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