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Jun 18, 2013 8:28 AM by Kristen Holloway

LPSS Banks on Faith-Based Help to Boost Schools

It's the same plan. Dr. Pat Cooper's Turn Around Plan but with hopes of added improvements for Lafayette Parish Public Schools.

Cooper wants to transform the parish school system into an "A" school district within 6 years and he hopes good counseling and faith-based partnerships will do just that.

One plan. One focus. Educational excellence for Lafayette Parish Public Schools. Cooper is meeting with churches across Acadiana to highlight his turn around plan and build a task force.

"My plan would be that certain churches would adopt a school, not to put their religion in place but to say we have 500-1500 people who are now going to come and help do certain things, maybe help mentor, paint, or landscape." said Cooper.

So far one church has jumped on board, taking the initiative to contact 100 other churches to get involved.

"This says we approach the administration ask the principal, how can we serve you? What's the greatest need that you have that will make the greatest impact for the improvement of the educational system," said Pastor of Hope Alive Bobby Richard.

Cooper says goal is to make sure every child finishes school ready to contribute to society, whether he or she chooses a trade or pursues higher education.
He also says character, culture and the environment of Lafayette can really benefit if faith based communities help improve the school system.

"This group of people has organized on their own and came to us and said look we're for the turn around plan. We're for you Dr. Cooper in terms of what you're trying to do in the school district, that can't help but make me feel great," said Cooper.

Cooper will hold a meeting with Acadiana churches at 10a.m. He's inviting other ministers to join the meeting. If you would like to attend the meeting will be held at The Family Church located at 223 Stone Avenue, Lafayette, LA.



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