Mar 9, 2014 8:22 PM by Steven Albritton

LPSB Could See Changes If Bill Passes, At Least One Board Member Against Possible Change

Changes could be coming to the Lafayette Parish School Board, if a certain bill passes during the legislative session.

State Representative Nancy Landry ha children in the Lafayette school district. She's tired of what she says are special interests playing out within the Lafayette School Board.

"I filed this constitutional amendment to allow us, as a community, to explore other options for school governance, or to be able to tweak the system that we have now," Representative Landry said.

Not only that, but Landry alluded to the constant drama surrounding the board. She sent out a series of tweets after a recent incident where a board member called police on the superintendent.

"Just as a parent, it's been very disheartening to see the board lose its focus on the mission of educating children. I've heard from other parents they're also fed up with the dysfunction of the board," Landry said.

Landry says the bill would allow an appointed committee to recommend plans for a new type of school board in Lafayette. She says she has spoken to several LPSB members in favor of this, but at least one disagrees

"If people in Lafayette Parish want something like this, we can elect our board members however we want to. We don't need the state to tell us what to do in this case," board member Greg Awbrey said.

Awbrey says Landry has passed other bills in Lafayette pertaining specifically to education. He feels the school board doesn't need to be micromanaged.

"I just feel that if she wants to run the school system she should run for school board, and sit on the school board, and then she can manage the school system," Awbrey said.

If the bill passes, 10,000 signatures would be needed from the public before the 13-member community committee would be formed. The legislative session begins on Monday.

Here is a link to Landry's proposed bill.



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