May 28, 2012 7:26 PM by Erin Steuber

LPD vs. LCG and two LPD superiors goes to court, defendants step forward

Lafayette Consolidated Government, CAO Dee Stanley, Chief of Police Jim Craft and Major Jackie Alfred are responding to the allegations against them. KATC's Erin Steuber is following the case, and this is the first time the defendants have been heard from. They are denying the allegations saying there are no grounds to support claims of corruption, retaliation and physical threats. Their attorney, Michael Corry provided us this statement, quote:
"The claims asserted by the five officers are completely baseless and have no merit."
The pending lawsuit is based off an internal investigation, the officers claim violates the Policeman Bill of Rights. The defendants attorney however says the claims are based off of misinformation because of a typographical error.
Now on the other side, the officers attorney Stephen Spring says this portion of the pending lawsuit is based on the sworn testimony of Sgt. Keith Gremillion of Internal Affairs. According to audio tapes, Gremillion's testimony contradicts what the defendants claim of a typo.
"And when you received a copy of that Exhibit A, did you do some investigation to determine how officer Mclean may have obtained a copy since it was not part of the Internal Affairs investigation in this case?" said an attorney.
"Ah yes, I did. I went and looked at some recent shift level investigations. And I located that particular form, the original," said Sgt. Gremillion, May 8 under oath.
The officers attorney says he finds it "remarkable" the defendants are citing a typo.
May 29 will be the first time the case of nine Lafayette police officers filing suit against Lafayette Consolidated Government and two of their superiors will be heard in court. Another officer involved has come forward and says he is eager to end this. At the request of his attorney, we're concealing the officer's identity. The officer says once you "go against the grain you will be targeted no matter what."
"I knew these people were after me because I stood up, went against them," said the officer.
Before the lawsuit was filed, he says he filed an EEOC complaint and tried to address his concerns to Police Chief Jim Craft.
"What I asked for was a meeting where I could sit down with Craft, face to face, and put an end to this," said the officer. "I was sincere and I told him it would be done with, finished with, I just don't want to be bothered."
He says it will be his sworn testimony that Craft conspired to try to set him up in order to ultimately remove him from the department.
"There's evidence to back up anything those officers get up and testify to. It's not going to be hearsay," said the officer.
The wife of the officer says:
"It's unfortunate that the police department has to be perceived by the public this way because of the choices of a few."

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