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Mar 28, 2013 2:56 PM by Press Release

LPB premieres "Go Coast: Louisiana"

New Orleans, La. (March 23, 2013)-Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB) will premiere the Vermilion Parish episode of the Emmy Award winning program Go Coast: Louisiana this Friday, March 29th at 10:30PM and Saturday March 30th at 2:00PM. It will air statewide in Baton Rouge (WLPB), Alexandria (KLPA), Lafayette (KLPB), Lake Charles (KLTL), Shreveport (KLTS) and in Monroe (KLTM). 

Show Summary: Go Coast's Host Tom Gregory explores "THE Most Cajun Place on Earth"-Vermilion Parish. While there, Tom revels in Abbeville's Giant Omelette Celebration, witnesses firsthand the return of the endangered Whooping Crane to Louisiana and discovers the history about how the Cajuns came to Louisiana and the hardships they endured at the Acadian Museum.    After catching musicians D.L. Menard and Michael Juan Nunez play live at an old livestock auction house, Tom hits the stage at a Cajun Music Jam in Erath.  And if you are in Cajun Country, there will be food!
It is the goal of Go Coast: Louisiana to do for the culture of Louisiana what chefs like Justin Wilson, Emeril Lagasse and John Besh have done for its cuisine. The program's host, Tom Gregory, won an Emmy in the Best On-Camera Talent category for Performer/Narrator from the Suncoast Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Go Coast: Louisiana also received a nomination for the Best Magazine Program. The series was also nominated for Emmy for Best Magazine show.

The Vermilion Parish episode will premiere this month on LPB. 

Here is the schedule, but please check local listings:

Friday, March 29, 10:30 pm on LPB
Saturday, March 30, 02:00 pm on LPB
Sunday, March 31, 08:30 pm on LPB2
Monday, April 1, 12:30 am on LPB

For more information on the Go Coast: Louisiana series, visit



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