Aug 1, 2014 7:59 PM by Valerie Ponseti

Lousiana Tax Free Holiday Weekend

The Louisiana tax-exemption holiday started today and continues through tomorrow. Many parents say they are taking full advantage of the weekend.
"We're going to do the whole thing . It's a great idea. Four percent is better than nothing and we're going to take advantage of it as best as we can," mother Angie Moreau said.
The 4 percent state sales tax is removed this weekend on all purchases up to $2,500 dollars.
"I check everything out, all the stores out and then try and shop this weekend to take advantage of that 4 percent," Moreau said.
She's not the only parent who thought shopping during the holiday is a great idea.
"Absolutely it's worth it. Anything you can save, especially when you're having to buy uniforms... Save a little money, it always helps," Angelle Lopez said.
Tax free money not only helps shoppers to spend wisely, businesses benefit too, co-owner of Uniformity Janice Leblanc said.
"Having tax free weekend happen on this weekend is of the most benefit because that's when the majority of everyone gets out to do the bulk of their shopping," Leblanc said.


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