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Nov 13, 2012 6:57 PM by Erin Steuber

Louisiana, Texas and Florida await White House reponse to secession petitions

Chances are you've heard of it, and it's no joke, an online petition to allow states to secede from the union. And it may, or may not, be a surprise, the movement is gaining momentum and signatures, here in Louisiana.

A total of 36 states and counting have created similar petitions, asking to "secede from the union" and create their own government. But this scenario is extremely unlikely. A constitutional amendment would have to pass by a two-thirds vote in Congress, and three-fourths of the entire country, would also have to give the okay. But those stats aren't stopping some from signing the petitions. A 25,000 signature threshold is required to get an official response from the White House, and passing that mark already, Louisiana, Texas and Florida.

Circulated on-line in the wake of the Presidential Election, the petitions have raised attention, signatures and eyebrows.

"Our country fought for so much to be where we are now, the fifty states, to try to secede and separate yourself from that I think that's ludicrous," said resident Connie Lewis.

But what would residents lose if Louisiana became its own country? International relations, federal retirement, health programs, and public education funding just to name a few things.
KATC Political Analyst Dr. Pearson Cross says "Out of the union, we'd be one of the smallest, least powerful, poorest states in the world."

So why sign it when there is so much to lose? Joshua Adkission says he did as a form of protest.

" A lot of people are saying, you know, I don't think it can happen, or its not going to be a good thing, and it won't be," said Adkission. "I think a lot of people are upset, a lot of people are afraid government is going in a place it shouldn't be going."

Louisiana was the first state in the nation to create the grass roots campaign via the online petition. Texas joining the movement shortly after.

"I think it should say more to Congress than the current administration," said Texas resident Dave Upton. "Congress has got to be responsive to the populus, and they are not, and haven't been for years."

Now, over the 25,000 mark, Louisiana and Texas await an official response from the White House.

With the creation of the more than 35 petitions, others have started popping up opposing the movement. Those petitions are seeking to people, who want the states to withdraw, be stripped of citizenship, and even exiled from the United States.



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