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Nov 16, 2012 7:24 PM by Kristen Holloway

Louisiana State Troopers Assist with the Hurricane Sandy Recovery

Two Louisiana State Troopers are back on duty in Acadiana. This after days on the New Jersey Coast helping in Superstorm Sandy recovery. After an eight day deployment to New Jersey two of the 25 Louisiana State Troopers assisting in Hurricane Sandy recovery have returned home.
"You can't imagine at mid-life to basically start over from nothing again. You had people for the first time who were in a state of shock," said Senior State Trooper Jonathan Neck.
They were responsible for immediate coastal areas, doing everything from helping families gather what they could, opening and closing roadways, manning checkpoints and responding to crime.
"The effected areas really looked to the Louisiana State Troopers that were up there for guidance because of our familiarity of handling situations like this, unfortunately we deal with this on a very regular basis, " said Neck.
Trooper Jonathon Neck says they're time there was intense. They dealt with the threat of explosions because gas lines were compromised. Water damage could be seen for miles, not to mention the five foot sand drifts that covered the entire island.
"Comparing what they experienced in New Jersey to Hurricane Katrina and Rita was very similar with the exception that Katrina and Rita here in Louisiana and Mississippi was much more widespread," said Neck.
Sandy destroyed most of the area where the troopers were but Trooper Neck said it's the people who made the trip bearable.
"They just did a fantastic job of accepting us and making the best out of us being away from home and our families," said Neck.
The remaining Louisiana Troopers will be heading home tomorrow. There are close to 400 other troopers from around the nation working along the East Coast in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.


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