Dec 9, 2010 2:15 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Louisiana Ranks 49th in Overall Health

Louisiana is the 49th most unhealthy state, according to a recent study released by the United Health Foundation. The state slipped two spots compared to last year's study.
One of the main culprits is our high obesity rate. It rose five points since last year, from 28.9% to 33.9 %.
Dietitian, Rosalind Allen, said "We tend to like a higher fat way of eating. We tend to have no portion control because many people were never taught it."
Weightloss Surgeon, Uyen Chu, said " it's genetic in the beginning, but environmental factors really trigger obesity."
Chu explained people don't walk as much as they used to and are more content just sitting at their desks and not being very active.
Louisiana also has a large number cardiovascular deaths, a disease linked to obesity.
Intervention Cardiologist,Vernon Valentino, said "it's usually from heart disease or anything to do with blood vessels which would mean stroke and heart attack."
Valentino explained cardiovascular deaths are related to environmental factors among other things.
He said, "the city of Lafayette has excellent health service, but outlaying areas aren't getting the care to reduce these types of death."
Despite Louisiana's poor report card, health officials are confident we can bounce back.
Chu said, "even a small decrease in weight can significantly improve your risk of diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension."


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