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Aug 27, 2012 10:40 PM by Maddie Garrett

Long Lines and Gas Shortages in Advance of Isaac

Across Acadiana people are tanking up their vehicles in advance of Isaac. As of Monday afternoon, many gas stations were running out of fuel and long lines looked more like traffic jams at several gas stations.

"I was shocked, the parking lot was jam packed over here," said Randy Guilbeaux as he waited in line to fill up his truck.

Guilbeaux thought he would get ready early and fill up his gas tank for Isaac Monday. Apparently quite a few people had the same idea.

"We're trying to get an early start and the traffic out there is crazy and the parking lot's crazy," said Guilbeaux. "Not enjoying this line."

Other drivers went from gas station to gas station, trying to find a place to fill up. Lafayette Parish resident Joe Lee didn't just fill up one tank - he filled up seven.

"You can't be too safe. It always works out good, you can burn some of it in the lawn mower, put it in your gas tank in your vehicles and use it if you don't end up using it. Hopefully I won't need it," said Lee as he topped off six gas cans.

Whether for a generator or to get where you need to go before and after the storm, people aren't taking any chances on Isaac as they get ready to stick it out.

"We never do take a chance, we always get prepared way early," said Guilbeaux.

"Cause when you get out and the storms bad and the roads are all messed up you can't get back in and check your property so I'd rather stay and make sure everything's ok," explained Lee.

As demand for fuel goes up, and supply goes down, gas prices are expected to rise if they haven't already. The State's Price Gouging Law is in effect during a declared "State of Emergency." However, sellers can increase prices if their costs to supply fuel also increase.


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