Nov 26, 2013 11:03 PM by Erin Steuber

LGMC Donates a Ton of Turkey to Food Bank

The holiday season is all about giving, and Tuesday Lafayette General Medical Center did just that, donating nearly 300 turkeys to Second Harvest Food Bank. It's a holiday tradition for LGMC to give their employees a turkey voucher, but for the last five years, employees have been giving them back, donating them to Second Harvest Food Bank.

"We hope, first and foremost, that our employees take our turkey and use it and enjoy Thanksgiving with their family," said LGMC Community Director Daryl Cetnar. "But if they're not going to do that, instead of leaving the voucher in the drawer, donate it and do the right thing. We can really make a difference."

For the first time ever, they donated a ton of turkeys.

"That's going to be my favorite phrase for the rest of the week, that we gave a ton of turkey, 2,038 pounds of turkey," said Cetnar. "It's just a great feeling you cant put into words."

It was the idea of a single department that has grown to a hospital-wide project. This year, 150 employees participated donating 288 turkeys in total.

"I never want to see anyone go hungry. So this was my chance to give to the community," said LGMC employee Rebecca Clause.

While it's too late for the turkeys to make it to the table for Thanksgiving, thanks to LGMC, there will be some for Christmas.

"I think that's instilled in all of us, to do the right thing, at the right time," said Cetnar. "This was our time and I'm already looking forward to a year from now how we can have more than a ton of turkey."

Second Harvest Food Bank services families in south Louisiana by providing food, advocacy, education and disaster response to those in need.



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