Jan 28, 2014 11:23 PM by Alex Labat

Let It Snow (in Chataignier)

The only thing on the roads heading into Chataignier was ice. Residents either flew the coop, or stayed cooped up indoors...except for the Vidrines. "When we really saw the snow falling, we went outside and we hooked up a floating raft that goes in the pool behind our four wheeler and we made it into a sled", says Jonathan Vidrine, longtime resident of Chataignier. The Vidrines say this happens so few times in Louisiana, that there's no excuse not to go outside and enjoy being a kid. "The kid came out in us and we really got back to playing outside and doing things we really don't get to do but once every 20 years", says Virdrine.
Everyone at the residence was outside enjoying the snow with their coats (both bought and grown), because who knows when the next time"Old Man Winter" passes through Chataignier. "It kind of just cools off to where you just throw on a long sleeve t-shirt, but this year you've noticeably had to wear jackets and boots and get to bundle up. And stay home for five extra days", says Allison Crowe.


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