Sep 4, 2011 7:09 PM by Shawn Kline

Lee brings flood waters to Delcambre

A lot of rain throughout Acadiana but not much wind or flooding. That's not the case in Delcambre where people are looking at one to two feet of water creeping toward their homes and the water is still rising.

"Every time the wind blows out the south, we get flooding so this ain't nothing new," Tonya Weekly said of TS Lee.

Weekly says the amount of flood water is just about what she expected from a Tropical Storm- a little high water but nothing in her home.

Weekly may be in good shape- her home sits on top of stilts but the water has everyone else searching for high ground- even a colony of ants find a dry oasis on a floating sandal, but Katie Kendrick can only sit back and watch as her real estate sinks under water.

"We just play it by ear and see what happens." Kendrick says, "if we lose, we lose; we'll just rebuild it again."

While some say they're used to the weather and this kind of flooding, others were caught unprepared. Terry and Sherrie Leblanc were two of those caught off-guard, barely getting their truck out of Delcambre's water-logged streets.
The amount of rain surprised them.

"We expected some but not this much," Sherrie said.

"We thought it was heading more to the east," Terry added.

So far, not much damage but some of the city streets will stay closed until the water subsides.



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