May 26, 2010 7:30 PM by Melissa Hawkes

LEAP Test Results

Teachers and students across Louisiana prepare for the leap test all year ....making sure 4th and 8th graders advance to the next grade.


Burnell Lemoine, Lafayette’s superintendent, "we went up in some areas and down in others, but overall the results were not as good as last year."


Seventy-seven percent of fourth graders passed the leap test this spring, last year seventy-eight percent passed.


Eighth graders had a three percent decrease, dropping from seventy-seventy percent passing in 2009 to seventy four percent.


Lemoine said, "not to make any excuses but look at the numbers we are testing, but when you look at the numbers we test i mean we are testing thousands."


Even though Alice Boucher replaced 80 percent of it's staff last year, there's still a significant amount of students failing. Students at Alice Boucher Elementary dropped in English, science and social studies, but improved in math.


Alice Boucher Principal, Keith Bartlett, said "we are certainly aware that we have much more work to do...that number will definitely go down, we know that the number of unsuccessful students will decrease."


He said it's just going to take more time.


"It's going to take a while to get this school to where it needs to be,” he explained. “We won't rest until every child can come in here and find great academic success."


Students who failed can retake the test this summer. Lemoine says new lesson plans are already being drawn to make sure next year is better.



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