Apr 1, 2014 6:50 PM by Akeam Ashford

LCG To Crackdown On Advertisement Road Signs

As you drive up and down Johnston Street, you'll see hundreds of the knee-high advertisement signs.

Lafayette Consolidate Government is cracking down on the signs we've all seen on the side of the road.

Back in 2007, LCG tried to address the problem, passing an ordinance officially prohibiting the signs and naming them "snipe signs." The problem LCG is having is that there is no office specifically dedicated to enforcing the law.

LCG Chief Development Officer Kevin Blanchard said most business owners don't realize the signs are illegal.

"What we've got is an epidemic of illegal snipe signs. Signs on a stick. Ones that are placed in the public right of way," Blanchard said.

Once one sign is put up, it leads to more signs being put up in or near the same spot, Blanchard said. This leads to clutter on the side of the roads.

"We want to put together a package by the summer that will hopefully allow us to look at this as part of a big picture (to cleaning up Lafayette). We want to look at all the ways we can show the rest of the world how great of a place we are," Blanchard said.

If a business is caught with a sign in the ground, LCG Planning and Zoning can take the business owner to court. If found guilty, the owner could face fines up to $100, or time in jail, depending on each case.

Right now, LCG uses any city-parish worker to cleanup the signs.

"I think it's education. I don't think anybody wants to actively go out and violate any ordinance, but, if everybody else is doing it, and it's not really clear what's illegal and what's not, that's our issue. We have to let people know," Blanchard says.



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