Feb 8, 2013 10:56 AM by Melissa Canone

LCG Ribbon Cutting for Compressed Natural Gas Station

Lafayette, LA --- City-Parish President Joey Durel and other local officials cut the ribbon of the
CNG station, formally opening the station to the public today.

LCG's Departments of Public Works and Traffic and Transportation teamed up to secure funding and to construct a fueling station for CNG vehicles. City-Parish President Joey Durel provided direction to each of these departments to initiate the conversion of 68 LCG vehicles and to construct a CNG fueling station.

The CNG fueling station is located at 1505 E. University Avenue, which is between General
Mouton and the Vermilion River. The station is within the Public Works Department complex.
In addition to LCG CNG vehicles, the station is opened to the public 24 hours a day.

The cost of construction of this new station was $2.1M. The funding for this station was
provided as part of efforts by the Traffic and Transportation Department to secure a Department
of Natural Resources (DNR) Grant for $833,000 for the station. DNR also funded LCG's vehicle fuel conversion with an additional grant amount of $737,000.

Additionally the Louisiana Legislature through Act 41 of the 2010 Session of the Legislature,
provided $1M for Lafayette's initiative to become the CNG hub of Acadiana through CNG
conversion of vehicles and public outreach to citizens, private fleet operators, and government
fleets which provide environmental benefits and reduce the cost of transportation.
City-President Joey Durel indicated, "Lafayette is a leader in the oil and gas industry, and we
need to continue to provide leadership in the use of CNG for our vehicles because it is better for
our environment and provides significant savings for our transportation costs for fuel."

The price at LCG's CNG pump today is $1.46 compared to gasoline cost of $3.26 per gallon or more at service stations in the Lafayette area. Lafayette's Transit System currently operates 7 new CNG fueled buses and intends to convert the entire fleet to CNG within the next 10 years.



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