May 5, 2014 6:47 PM by Kristen Holloway

LCG: Redflex lawsuits on hold

Lafayette Consolidated Government is suing one company and two private individuals to collect on unpaid violations of the city's Redflex Safe Light/Safe Speed program. While these lawsuits were the first of its kind, they're now on hold and no others will be filed to recover uncollected fines.

"The three that we filed were actually the three highest violations that were under $5,000," City Parish Attorney Mike Herbert said.

Herbert said those lawsuits are now on a temporary hold after finding that unpaid ticket violations can be collected as far back as 10 years. The council initially thought it was three years.

"Right after we filed those lawsuits, before we could file others, the discussions came up at the council meetings where the council instructed us to stop further lawsuits until they could have further discussions about how far back the collections suits would go," Herbert said.

Right now the city-parish council is working on an amendment that would clarify whether to look back three or ten years before filing lawsuits to Redflex violators.

"One school of thought was that if anyone has a violation of more than $125 within in the past three years that the lawsuit would reach back to collect any violations within the last 10 years," said Herbert. "another thought is that those lawsuits should be limited to to three years period."

The Redflex program began seven years ago.

"If we were to limited collection lawsuits to only three years anything before those proceeding four years would be lost," said Herbert.

The amendment will take between six weeks and two months before approved by the council.



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