Jan 3, 2012 10:41 PM by Shawn Kline

LCG Council welcomes newcomers

Lafayette City-Parish Council is kicking off 2012 with its first regular and special meetings but before any votes were cast, council welcomed two newcomers.

It wasn't at all a controversial first meeting but a memorable one for Kevin Naquin and Andy Naquin. The only new faces on City-Parish Council.

"You can have an 'A Naq' and a "K Naq'," Andy Naquin joked. "We just ask they don't put out many knock knock jokes on us"

No jokes on this night at council's first meeting of the year and the first meeting ever for Andy Naquin and Kevin Naquin.

"It's going to be a challenge." Kevin says, "but we look forward to working with everybody to find out what's the best possible deal for the community."

The Naquins, no relation by the way, are the newest people in charge of Lafayette's tax money and how to spend it.

"We need to consolidate," Andy said. "Get more toward consolidation and the horse farm- those are two big issues we need to move forward with in this parish."

Andy Naquin says the horse farm is a $6-million plot of land City-Parish President Joey Durel would like to see as a community park and a home for Lafayette's Mounted Police.

K-Naq on the other hand, is focusing on improving flood plans and infrastructure in the parish.

"The Ile de Cannes project." Kevin says, "that's been in the books for a long time, move it along further to help relieve people in flood zones and community areas."

With more issues on the table like the comprehensive plan, this class of councilmen may be in charge of laying out the next two decades for the entire parish.

"Andy and I are going to work well together," Kevin said. "It doesn't matter if he's Republican or Democrat, it's a matter of working together to help solve one goal which is to make Lafayette a better place."

Just about every councilmember says they're really looking forward to working on the comprehensive plan. UL is working on its, Scott on its plan, and now council hopes to tie it all together and shape the future of Lafayette this year.



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