May 2, 2014 10:20 PM by Dave Fields

LCG ATTORNEY: RedFlex can't threaten to boot vehicles for traffic violations

Letters from SafeLight Lafayette threatening to boot the vehicles of Lafayette drivers because of unpaid traffic violations are incorrect, says the attorney for Lafayette Consolidated Government.

"That's certainly a mistake. That's something that needs to be corrected," LCG attorney Mike Hebert said.

Hebert clarified that the letters do not come from his office and that his office "is never involved in the collection process until it's time for a suit."

"They (the letters) come from RedFlex," Hebert added.

Hebert said that LCG has not immobilized any vehicles from SafeLight/SafeSpeed violations.

"The ordinance provides for immobilization for unpaid parking violations but not for unpaid traffic violations," the attorney explained.

A Lafayette resident, who asked not to be named, shared his letter with KATC and said he was outraged that he received a letter that threatened to boot his car after he had made a partial payment and a signed payment agreement with RedFlex.

"Immediate payment of the remaining $65.00 civil violation amount is necessary to prevent potential court action against you, immobilization of your vehicle (booting), and/or reporting the debt to a collection agency," reads the SafeLight Lafayette letter dated April 4, 2014.

The Lafayette driver said he was disturbed that the SafeLight letter attempted, as the letter states, to assess an "additional late penalty of $62.50 will be imposed if the entire balance is not received within the SafeLight Lafayette office on or before 03/25/2014."

The Lafayette driver said he is confused as to how SafeLight Lafayette could demand full payment by a date that already had passed ten days earlier. The Lafayette driver said that he was upset because his payment arrangement, which granted him an extension until May 10, had been signed and dated by a RedFlex employee on April 25.



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