Oct 25, 2012 8:37 PM by Erin Steuber

Lavergne's video confession made public

A KATC exclusive: The video taped confession of Brandon Scott Lavergne.

We know it's a story some will not want to watch, and we get that, still we think it's an important story to tell. It's the confession from Mickey Shunick's killer, Brandon Lavergne. Mickey,and her story, captivated this community, unlike anyone else in recent memory, and today we were given, what we hope is the final element of this tragedy. Another warning,many will find this report disturbing.

"You ready to do this?," said an officer. "Lets get it over with," said Lavergne.

On August 7th, police interviewed Brandon Lavergne. That morning, Lavergne confessed to killing Mickey Shunick and led police to her body. Police used Google maps and had Lavergne point out the location.

"It's a small community cemetary completed surrounded by trees," said Lavergne.

Lavergne details what happened the night he killed Mickey, he says he was playing with his phone, when he claims he accidentally hit Mickey on her bike. He didn't want to call police because he had been drinking, was a convicted felon and had a gun in his truck. He said he and Mickey agreed not to call the cops. He told her he'd give her a ride home. He says she got into his truck, but he became angry when she asked him to pay for the damage.

" She reached down to grab her phone, and I just panicked and that's when I grabbed the knife. I said don't call the cops I'm not ********* playing with you, I said put down the phone. And she was just started kinda' like staring at me, she made eye contact, and she was just staring at me," said Lavergne.

It was at that point Mickey maced Lavergne, so he began stabbing her. She slumped over, and that's when he starting driving to a rural area to dispose of her body. The whole time, he was thinking she was dead.

"She popped up and stabbed me dead in the chest. I don't know if I was more freaked out that she stabbed me, or the fact that she was still alive. I hollered, and I shot, I shot one time, you know one time with the gun. I jumped out of the truck and I was hollering, and I just stood out there and stuff, and I was shaking and stuff, and I started throwing up," said Lavergne.

Lavergne continues, saying how unreal the entire situation was. After returning home to try to clean up everything, he says he walked in, and out of the house, Mickey still in the truck.

"That's when I put the gun to my head, and I said I'll just **** kill myself right now. And I was just thinking, I got my son that's about to be born, I got a daughter hopefully I'll see in the future and stuff, and what not, I can't do it. And that was it the whole time, I wasn't even thinking about her, I wasn't thinking about family, I wasn't thinking about no one but myself," said Lavergne

A confessed killer, and admittedly selfish.

When he got to the cemetery in Evangeline Parish, he was too injured to dig a grave. He left her and would come back later, after he received treatment.

Lavergne called a friend in New Orleans, telling him he was stabbed and he needed to get out of town for a few days. Before he left though, he circled back through Lafayette to make sure police weren't alerted to the crime. He didn't see any officers on St. Landry, so he proceeded to New Orleans, dropping the bike in Whiskey Bay on the way.

His friend insisted he go to the hospital, so Lavergne told them a story of a real robbery he was the victim of in Baton Rouge several years before. He stayed overnight, and he went back on Sunday to bury Mickey.

As for the gun, Lavergne says it went missing from his truck the night he stayed in the hospital. He asked his friend about it. His friend denied knowing anything, so Lavergne warned him the gun was "hot". The friend would later tell Lavergne the gun was in the Mississppi River. The knife was thrown into a dumpster at his fiancé's father's home, and Mickey's book bag was burned in a trash pile.


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