Jul 6, 2012 8:41 PM by Erin Steuber

Lavergne's truck found burned in Texas

As you recall, a white Chevy Silverado, possibly a model Z-71, was identified as a vehicle of interest after surveillance video was released; Showing Mickey riding her bike at the same time the truck was headed down St. Landry. Police say that truck was Lavergne's and he was driving. Police believe he quickly dumped the vehicle, days after those pictures were released. Deputies in San Jacinto Texas say they found a truck in their county, on May 31, burned. But Lafayette police didn't get the tip until the middle of June.
San Jacinto is approximately an hour's drive north from Houston. Lavergne's truck was found burned only days after Lafayette police released photographs of the truck as a vehicle of interest. But it wasn't until June 14th, when an unknown caller phoned the tip line, relaying the information about the burned truck in Texas. The truck was Lavergne's, and he actually called deputies in Montgomery County Texas to report it missing the same day it was found (May 31st). Police say they have evidence that Lavergne was in the Whiskey Bay area around the time Mickey's bike was found. But they won't elaborate.
"Based on information and surveillance, detectives were able to positively identify the truck that traveled directly behind Mickey in the video as belonging to Brandon Lavergne," said Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft.
When Lavergne was stopped, he was in another white truck, but police say it was just a replacement.
"Through the investigation by our detectives and Louisiana State Police we were able to determine he had purchased another vehicle. I think it's a S-71 white pick-up truck, just like the one he had," said Craft.
Another question still remaining, if what police say is what happened, it doesn't explain how Lavergne got back to Lafayette from Texas after his truck was burned. Police tell us it's all part of their investigation.

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