Jul 12, 2012 6:13 PM by Letitia Walker

Lavergne questioned in Jefferson Parish May 19th

We're learning new details of where murder suspect Brandon Lavergne may have been just hours after Mickey Shunick's disappearance. The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office says they interviewed Lavergne the same day Mickey was kidnapped.

Deputies say they arrived at Oschner Hospital on Jefferson Highway just after 11:00 pm on May 19, 2012 after a man showed up there after being stabbed. The victim, identified as Brandon Lavergne, told police he was attacked outside of a gas station.

They say Lavergne was unsure where the gas station was, so both New Orleans Police and Jefferson Parish deputies interviewed him at the hospital. The deputy who wrote the incident report says Lavergne told them the attack happened at 3:00 pm on May 19th. Lavergne allegedly indicated his GPS wasn't working, and he was driving around in an unknown area, so he stopped at a gas station to ask directions. The report says that's when a white male, with gold teeth, a neck tattoo, wearing a #24 Saints football jersey and a black hat covering most of his face, attacked him without warning. He was stabbed several times in the chest, back, neck, and hand. Lavergne's wallet was also reported stolen, in it was his license and $40. Lavergne then told deputies he drove around until he found the hospital.

The deputy writing the incident report asked Lavergne if he had any recollection of the location, but Lavergne couldn't provide any more information. The deputy questioned him about street names he saw, building shapes, landmarks, or significant structures, but said Lavergne couldn't elaborate on where the attack happened. He allegedly reported that he was in town visiting a friend and he would be returning home when he left the hospital.

The deputy goes on to indicate the more he would question Lavergne about the attack, the less information he began to provide. The medical staff told police his injuries were non-life threatening, so they allowed him to leave the hospital. Police are classifying this as an aggravated battery and theft under $500, with Lavergne being listed as the victim.

Mickey Shunick was last seen 2:00 am riding her bike in Lafayette on May 19, 2012. Brandon Lavergne is being held in jail on a first degree murder charge in connection with her disappearance.


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