Jul 6, 2012 3:39 PM by Steven Albritton

Lavergne Appears For First Hearing Today

Today Brandon Scott Lavergne appeared before Commissioner Thomas Fredericks for his first hearing. He has been charged with aggravated kidnapping and 1st degree murder in Mickey Shunick's disappearance.

The whole hearing was done via video feed from the Lafayette Parish Courthouse and Lafayette Parish Correctional Center. Lavergne was brought in wearing handcuffs and also wearing a green full body bad. According to sheriffs deputies, this was worn to protect him from attacks from other inmates. He is also being held ina  private cell away from the general population of inmates.

The following is the entire hearing.

Commissioner Thomas Fredericks - "Brandon Scott Lavergne?"

Brandon Scott Lavergne - "Yes sir."

Commissioner - "Mr. Lavergne, do you still live at 143 Elaine Lane in Church Point?"

Lavergne - "Yes sir."

Commissioner - "What's your date of birth?"

Lavergne - "January of 79."

Commissioner - "What is it?"

Lavergne - "January 8th of 79... 1979"

Commissioner - "79?"

Lavergne - "Yes sir."

Commissioner - "You're being held on two original arrest warrants. One is aggravated kidnapping. Bail in that amount is set at $250,000, and the second charge is for first degree murder and you're being withheld bond in that matter. Do you have a lawyer?"

Lavergne - "No I don't sir."

Commissioner - "Can you afford a lawyer?"

Lavergne - "Not in a case like this sir."

Commissioner - "Excuse me?"

Lavergne - "No sir."

Commissioner - "OK. I'm referring you to the public defenders office."

Lavergne has been assigned Clay Lejeune and Burleigh Doga as his public defenders.

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