Dec 24, 2012 7:12 PM by Kristen Holloway

Last Minute Holiday Shopping

Christmas is just hours away and one by one customers rushed through the doors at The Mall of Acadiana in Lafayette hoping to get those Christmas Eve sales. Today is one of the busiest shopping days of the year and hundreds right here in Acadiana hit the stores early this morning looking for those last minute gifts.
"I came here yesterday and forgot a few items so I came back for a few minutes and I'm heading out as I speak," said Last Minute Shopper John Benjamin.
Some last minute shoppers say they like searching for gifts on Christmas Eve because it's exciting and makes you decisive. However seasoned Christmas Eve shoppers are prepared with game plans by looking over newspapers and comparing sales before they hit the store.
"I do have a game plan it's kind of a hit and run kind of game plan. We had several things marked down for people we have left to purchase for and we are going in the stores where we know we can probably get them and get out. no wondering around and no glossy eyed," said Last Minute Shopper Stella Theriot.
Some say searching for gifts on Christmas Eve can be hectic but others say it's not that bad.
"Actually it's not as bad as it seems we have been able to find a few stores where there aren't a lot of people in them, ike Macy's, we were able to run in and run out so that's a good start," said Last Minute Shoppers Al & Brenda Boudreaux.


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