Mardi Gras

LARC Individuals Attend Capuchon Workshop at Vermilionville

Posted: Jan 30, 2013 2:50 PM by Melissa Canone

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LARC individuals of the Lemarie Lifestyle Center were invited to Vermilionville to learn about and make Capuchons. The Capuchons are the traditional cone-shaped hats that original Mardi Gras revelers wore. They are usually made of fabric scraps and ribbon, but the arts and crafts project was comprised of poster board and tissue paper, making it easier to construct. The field trip was the first of its kind for the group.

"The lifestyle center is a unique environment which LARC offers to those individuals with developmental disabilities who choose more life skills and enrichment-type services over the traditional day program work activity," said LARC Director of Community Relations Susan Nini.


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