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Sep 14, 2012 11:17 PM by Maddie Garrett

Landry Disputes Attack Ad on Taxes, Boustany Camp Defends Claims

Representative Jeff Landry is calling out his opponent, Representative Charles Boustany, Jr., for a campaign ad over taxes. The ad claims Landry did not pay property taxes on time; a claim Landry said is a lie. But Boustany's camp is sticking by its guns, saying there is documentation to prove the claims are true.

Boustany's campaign points to six separate occasions in the past nine years where it appears Landry's businesses did not pay property taxes by the December 31st deadline. Those late payments range from January 4th to January 23rd in Lafayette and St. Landry Parishes.

"First of all let's make sure we clear the record, we were never delinquent so the taxes were never late," said Landry.

The two sides can argue over the late status. Friday, Landry distributed letters from both tax offices that state the taxes on the properties at issue were paid "in full and in a timely manner."

But Boustany's campaign manager, John Porter issued this statement Friday defending the ad:

"The fact that Landry has since paid the taxes, and therefore is no longer considered delinquent by the respective jurisdictions does not take away from the fact that he failed to abide by the law. One time, and it might be understandable, but six times in nine years is a pattern of behavior that indicates Jeff Landry feels he is above the law."

But another line in the campaign ad that reads, "Six times in the last decade, Landry broke the rules and didn't pay his taxes," is where it gets tricky. That line "didn't pay his taxes" might seem misleading.

"These accusations are completely false. I was never late on my taxes, my taxes were always paid," explained Landry.

As for other rhetoric about raising taxes that comes later in the ad spot, Landry also disputed those claims.

"The tax pledge that I signed says that we will not raise taxes," he said.

Landry and Boustany are both Republican incumbents and are running for the newly created District 3 Congressional seat on the November 6, 2012, ballot.



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