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Jan 8, 2014 11:39 PM by Steven Albritton

Lake Arthur Making Changes To Fix Stray Dog Problem

The town of Lake Arthur is still dealing with stray dogs roaming the city. When they are caught, they are taken to the town animal shelter and held for at least 10 days. It's a problem the town has been dealing with for months and resident Kelly Brady has stepped up to try to help curb this problem

"You know what people are doing, because we have such a limited resource which is just our local pound, people don't want to see the animal get euthanized, so they think it's more humane to dump them on the street. Unfortunately, that's actually the most in humane thing to do," Brady said.

Brady has been involved with animal rescue for years. She started to take in strays in the area, but eventually it got out of control.

"In 18 months we took in over a dozen. We took in a litter of 6 at one time. We had 11 dogs at one time," she said.

Lake Arthur Mayor Robbie Bertrand agrees there is a problem.

"Droppings and other things. There's been an instance here recently where one larger dog killed a smaller dog here in town." Mayor Bertrand said.

The city will now start patrolling more looking for stray dogs and will purchase new equipment to help aid their animal control employee. Dog owners will now first be warned about not having dogs fenced in or leashed.

"On the second time, if that same animal and owner allows that animal to be in violation of the leash law a second time, that's going to be a ticket. Hopefully, everybody becomes just a little more responsible about what their dogs are out doing," Mayor Bertrand said.

Brady hopes the changes will keep more dogs safe and attract even more help for the future

"Maybe some other rescue organizations will find some interest in our little town and come help us out.

If you'd like to adopt one of the dogs from the Lake Arthur shelter call city hall.



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