May 1, 2014 8:01 PM by Ashlea Bullington

Lafayette Women Warns Others after Identity is Stolen

A local Lafayette woman, Rebecca Olhenforest, was working in her front yard Saturday when the unthinkable happened. An unknown woman pulled into her driveway, walked into her kitchen, and stole her purse. By the time Rebecca figured out what happened, it was too late. Within an hour of the burglary, Rebecca's credit cards and bank account had already seen thousands of dollars in purchases. What upsets Rebecca most about this is that on every card in her wallet "please check ID" is written on the signature line.

CVS, Macy's, and Old Navy were only a few of the places that the suspect went on a shopping spree to. Unable to stop checks until Monday, there were over twenty charges made fraudulently in her name.

KATC caught up with Cpl. Paul Mouton who says this is all too common. "Victims Information is taken on a daily basis. Typically if someone gets their credit card stolen, it is because their car or their residence has been broken into, or they have dropped or lost their credit card."

He suggested that people be aware of where your account information is kept, and keep credit cards covered inside your billfold. Be aware of the people around you that might be snapping pictures of credit card information as well.

For Rebecca, she is putting security cameras around her home and will always make sure her doors are locked while working outside of her home. She also hopes getting her story publicized will remind merchants to check ID when large charges and checks are made.



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