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Jun 5, 2014 6:21 PM by Ashlea Bullington

Lafayette Woman Sparks Controversy When Publicly Breast Feeding

It was a regular play date for Kate White and her mother's group at ChickFilA, when someone took issue with her breastfeeding in public.

"I asked the moms before I sat down, 'I forgot my cover do you mind if I breastfeed' and the moms said no go ahead," said Kate.

She told us it got busy around noon, but she did not think that anyone was paying her any attention. Around 6 that evening though, Kate saw a photo of her breastfeeding from noon that day, with a caption that read "Anybody want some milk? Noon time at a restaurant is not a place to do this?" The picture went viral on Facebook, with people from across the country voicing their opinions.
Kate said she saw an outpouring of negative comments. But there were also supporters.

"I had a huge backing from mothers and women who support breastfeeding in the community. I was so shocked to have so much support," Kate told us.

Kate said she usually uses a cover, but in this instance, she didn't have it and was trying to take care of her fussy child. She said she was not trying to make a statement, but in this case, she did.

We also reached out to the woman who posted the picture, and she told us she believes she should be able to post freely on her social media sites and is now being cyber-bullied by those who disagree.



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