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Lafayette Woman Receives First Lady Award

The Supriya Jindal Foundation for Louisiana¹s Children is proud to announce that Mrs. Shana Zanyk of Lafayette, Louisiana is the latest recipient of a First Lady Award. This award is given periodically to an outstanding individual who is making a positivedifference in the lives of children in Louisiana. Mrs. Zanyk is 2012's first recipient. As the months pass, we look forward to recognizing other outstanding people who positively serve our State's youth. At the end of the year, the Foundation will award one winner with a grand prize: a four-day cruise for two compliments of Carnival Cruise Lines.

Zanyk, a registered nurse in the burn unit at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Lafayette, Louisiana, deeply cares for children. For seven years, she has used her vacation time to volunteer at Camp Bon Coeur, a camp for children with congenital heart defects. Serving as Head Nurse at the camp, Zanyk compassionately cares for children as they participate in activities such as swimming, horseback riding, archery and canoeing.

As head nurse and board member, Mrs Zanyk takes the time to become personally acquainted with each child's special needs and, thus, often forms bonds with the children and their families. Ascampers arrive, she meets with each family to review medication and specific needs of each child. To ensure the children remain hydrated throughout the day, Zanyk developed "Pickle Ice Pops." Always making the children her priority, she also ensures the infirmary is organized and that the proper medications are available. Creating games for the children to play, Zanyk has made the infirmary a place that campers enjoy while being cared for.

Supriya Jindal said, "I am honored to present Shana with this award and recognize her dedication to children; specifically to children with heart defects. Having a son of my own who wasborn with a heart condition makes my appreciation for her work even greater. Her love and compassion for our State's young children is truly inspiring." Mrs. Jindal continued, "Shana works full time and is married with four children; yet, she finds time to serve the community and work with the children at Camp Bon Coeur. It is truly a privilege to present this award to someone who dedicates her life to helping others and is truly well-respected and loved by all who work with her."

In addition to volunteering at the ten-day camp, Mrs, Zanyk coordinates special activities, such as selling Valentines Day Heart Balloons, hosting Trivia Night Fundraisers, and donating her well-loved salsa, all for the benefit of the children at the camp. Indeed, friends andcolleagues all commend her loving, nurturing and positive attitude.

"Shana Zanyk has a heart of gold and gives so much of herself and her time. She strives to make the world a better place and she is constantly upbeat. I cannot stress enough how much she brings to Camp Bon Coeur and we could not function without her. She makes camp fun for all of the kids, even if they have to spend time in the infirmary. She goes way above and beyond and because she is such an excellent nurse, she eases minds of the camp parents who entrust their children to her care," said Susannah Craig, Executive Director of Camp Bon Coeur.

Ben Smith, Camp Director of Camp Bon Coeur, praises Zanyk's work, saying, "As Camp Director of a special medical needs camp there is no better relief than knowing that our Infirmary is in great hands. Nurse Shana is simply amazing, from her camp famous Gatorade pops to treating cuts and abrasions everything she does is done with the utmost care and passion for our campers. She has worked with Camp Bon Coeur for 7 years now and I only hope that as long as I am Camp Director I will have Nurse Shana to call on in the Infirmary."

Christine Ragusa, a fellow camp nurse, truly appreciates Zanyk and the partnership she's forged: "This award could not have gone to a more deserving person. She establishes great relationships with camper's families, ensuring them that they are in good hands while they are away. Not only is she selfless, but the children truly adore her and all she does for Camp Bon Coeur."

Laurie Hodge, Mother of camper Madison Hodge, had wonderful things to say about Zanyk and the way she helped her daughter: "I had the pleasure of knowing Shana in high school, and I have been so blessed to have her care for my daughter at Camp Bon Coeur. Not only has she ensured her physical well being, she also helped Madison through personal matters. She is a phenomenal person and friend to us both."

Madison Hodge speaks fondly of Zanyk, saying "She is very caring, a good listener, and is always there for me and the other campers." Not only does Zanyk strive to help the children of Camp Bon Coeur, she carries her compassion into her career as a Registered Nurse. Jared Hosey, a coworker at Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center, says, "Shana goes out of her way to be involved. She is an all around good person who cares greatly about her patients and their families. She has a huge heart and truly cares about the work she does."

"It is a great honor to receive the First Lady Award!" said Shana Zanyk, "I really do love the kids and I hope they get every opportunity in life."

Zanyk received a certificate of appreciation, a gift basket from Raising Cane¹s, a gift card from Chili¹s Grill & Bar Restaurant, a gift card from Academy Sports and Outdoors, a $100 gift card from Wal-Mart, a Haircut from Salon Bliss, and a 30-min massage and manicure from RiverSpa at City Club in River Ranch. At the end of the year, all 2012 award recipient's names will be placed in a drawing in which one winner will be randomly chosen to receive the grand prize of a four-day cruise for two compliments of Carnival Cruise Lines.

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