Sep 29, 2011 6:45 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Lafayette Woman Gets Second Chance at Life

Suicide is one of the leading cause of deaths for young people across the nation. One Lafayette woman was given a second chance at life and now she's using it to inspire others.

Camille Foley was your typical elementary student-outgoing and involved in sports, but once she got to middle school something drastically changed.

"I withdrew from what I was used to doing," she said. "I quit the basketball team."

Every day she went to school with a smile on her face, but came home depressed and one night it got so bad she just wanted the pain to end.

She said, "I was on prescription medicine for the depression and we had just refilled the prescriptions and I took the full prescription for each one."

Her mom found her just in time.

"The doctors didn't expect me to pull through basically just waiting for my organs to shut down, but for some reason I pulled through," she said.

That tragic night happened six years ago, since then she's gone through counseling and realizes other people have the same difficulties. A year ago she shared her story publicly at a Jacob Crouch Foundation event.

"I felt like it was the first time I was fighting back since the depression," she explained. "All this time, I'd been surviving it but now I was doing something against it."

Camille is now 24 and lives a normal life. She works two jobs and helps others see the light even in the darkest of times.

The Jacob Crouch Foundation is all about suicide prevention. Volunteers travel around to Acadiana schools educating students and teachers. One of the biggest fundraisers is coming up this fall.

It's a sporting clays tournament happening at Wilderness Gun Club in Lafayette on Sunday October 16. Organizers are hoping to get 64 teams to sign up and there's still plenty of space available. You can visit to sign up.



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