Jun 12, 2014 8:13 PM by Tina Macias

Lafayette school board discusses goals

The Lafayette Parish School Board discussed its goals for the next school year during a special meeting today.

It will vote on the annual goals at its next meeting on Wednesday. Several board members recommended goals, including:
- Securing new funding or a tax for programs and facilities
- Improving the relationship between the board and superintendent
- Improving school performance scores
- Reducing the drop-out rate
- Investing in new technology
- Maintaining the district's financial health
- Advocating for early childhood education, so students enter kindergarten "ready to learn."
- Increasing community involvement
- Decrease the achievement gap between white and minority students
- Fully implementing the 100% In, 100% Out turnaround plan

This was the first the the board has met to set annual goals, which is a requirement in Superintendent Pat Cooper's contract.

The meeting became heated when board members talked about funding and the turnaround plan, since a budget has not been approved and some turnaround plans programs are on the chopping block.

Board member Kermit Bouillion said it's unfair to make deep cuts and expect to school system to perform. They system is facing a $23.5 million deficit.

"If we're going to keep cutting and the scores go down, we're going to blame the superintendent?" Bouillion said.

Board member Greg Awbrey pointed out that they do not determine how much money they system gets. That's up to the government and the voters.

"We spent the money the best we can." Awbrey said, "Requiring the school system to run fiscally sound and requiring the superintendent to operate with in that budget is not unreasonable."



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