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Aug 8, 2014 7:04 PM by Ashlea Bullington

Lafayette Police Department's Placement of the Speed Vans

Recently, KATC viewers have inquired about the placement of speed vans. KATC investigated and got answers.

"How many speed vans does Red Flex own? Why are there always two in the River Ranch area (Camellia Blvd and around Comeaux High School). We sure could use one on St. Antoine, St. John Pierce, etc where we actually need speed control with all the kids playing and riding their bikes. And that is just my area. What about Willow and Moss and tons of others," one viewer email asks.

KATC's investigation revealed that Lafayette Police Department (LPD) owns the four speed vans drivers have seen around Lafayette. The vans were purchased from Lafayette Consolidated Government in 2012.

The scheduled placement of the four speed vans is dispersed throughout 120 different locations in the Lafayette area. Placement of the vans is determined based upon requests from residents or speed complaints.

"We tell the person that is complaining or making the request for speed enforcement that you can have a police officer come out there periodically. Or you can have a speed van there for 24 hour coverage," Cpl. Paul Mouton, LPD spokesperson said.

Since 2012, these 10 locations have the most accumulated speed van time:

1. 300 Blk E Bluebird, 234 days
2. 420 Blk S Domingue ave, 153 days
3. 900 Blk Cajundome, 147 days
4. 200 Blk Student Dr, 135 days
5. 508 Blk E Bayou Pkwy, 125 days
6. 3400 Blk W Congress, 81 days
7. 100 Blk Normandy Rd , 80 days
8. 100 Blk Board St, 77 days
9. 1100 Blk Robley, 75 days
10. 500 Blk N Domingue, 75 days

Those who wish to place a speed van in their neighborhood, should call LPD with the request.


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