Dec 14, 2012 11:40 PM by Steven Albritton

Lafayette Parish Schools Stay Prepared for Worst Case Scenario

Today's events shocked those who work within the education community, but it also made them question if what they are doing to protect campuses is enough.

"My thoughts went to our own school system. What are doing? Are we doing enough? Have we dotted our I's and crossed our T's," Lafayette Parish Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper said.

Even with the small chance a shooting could happen anywhere, Cooper says they are prepared.

"One of the things we're going to have to understand is there are just a lot of angry folks out there and we have to be ever vigilant," Dr. Cooper said.

At the Wednesday night board meeting, plans to add security measures were discussed. A presentation was made to hire more resource officers and add additional security cameras at all 42 schools. Right now, all campuses are gated and visitors must check in at the front office.

"If you have a meeting, a consultation or anything set up with any faculty member; those are pre-scheduled. So, no one has the ability to free roam on a campus," Sergeant Mark Francis of the Lafayette Police Department said.

Francis also is the supervisor for all the Resource Officers in the Lafayette schools. Along with the current security measures, both staff and faculty and staff are trained yearly on school lock down routines.

"There are codes that we have for our bell system where teachers would know this is a lockdown situation. So, everybody kind of understands what to do, but every situation is different. We just hope it's enough," Dr. Cooper said.


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