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Mar 20, 2013 8:47 AM by Kristen Holloway

Lafayette Parish School Board Votes on a Proposed Reconstitution for Acadian Middle School

One Lafayette Middle School could be looking at school-wide changes. Tonight the Lafayette Parish School Board votes on a proposed reconstitution. The changes would affect faculty and staff at Acadian Middle School, where the principal proposed restructuring based on poor student performance. The administration wants to turn things around.
"They're a lot of very smart kids there their potential just haven't been tapped and thats what I'm looking for is some potential that can go in there an reach these kids," Linda Nance Acadian Middle Principal.
In order to do that, principal Nance thinks teachers make all the difference.
"They have to be effective they have to be quality, they have to be good," said Nance.
She's proposed restructuring her entire staff, good teachers stay, ineffective ones go but those with tenure will be placed at other schools. New teachers will be hired but wont start till this fall.
"Its like in any business they need to hire their own staff so that staff can put forth their own vision for that school as oppose to an inheritance staff," said Assistant Superintendent Sandra Billeaudeau.
"We're hoping the district will support what we need what teaming will give us to reach these kids, reach their parents. provide time for them to have professional development," said Nance.
Again the school board will vote on the proposal at the meeting tonight at 5:30p.m.
The plan is only up for introduction, if approved it will move on for final adoption at the school board's next meeting.


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