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Jan 7, 2013 8:08 PM by Alex Labat

Lafayette Parish Courthouse Getting a Makeover

The renovations that are taking place at the Lafayette Parish Courthouse are all about making use of space that's already there.
Take the jail, which hasn't been used since 1985, will eventually be gutted to make it a usable space for the entire building
Some work is already underway, like improving the fire alarm system and elevators.
But when the major work gets underway, that's when it will effect those working in the courthouse, like District Attorney Mike Harson.
Harson says, "We'll have to be moving from offsite to come to court over here bringing files and lugging files across and so-forth, so it'll be an inconvenience but we'll do what we have to".
The work is estimated at over two million dollars and is set to begin around October.
While some feel a new courthouse would be nicer, Kay Richard, with the Department of Public Works says she plans on making this building look as good as new.
"In 2002, it was brought before the taxpayers to propose a tax to build a new courthouse. That failed, so with that the Lafayette Consolidated Government has made it a promise to renovate the building as much as possible with the funds that are available."


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