Mar 13, 2013 11:40 PM by Steven Albritton

Lafayette Man Witnesses New Pope First Hand

Patrick Broussard, of Lafayette, hopes to one day be a priest at St. John's Cathedral. He is now in the midst of that journey, studying at seminary school in Rome. This week he was a first hand witness to the conclave and the presentation of a new pope. Skyping with KATC late at night, Broussard couldn't believe it when smoke first started coming out of the Sistine Chapel after the 5th vote.

"The ahhs are getting bigger and I'm like no no no no. And the no kind of goes from a no to a "NO" like i don't believe this," Broussard said.

With the white smoke and an estimated 100,000 people surrounding Broussard and his classmates, they celebrated the new pontiff even though it took a moment for Broussard to really believe this was all real.

"Until I heard the bells ring, i just didn't believe it. So, I was looking at the smoke, it was absolutely clear it was white. I was like no not this early. There's no way I'm here," Broussard said.

He says being able to hear the Pope's first words will be a moment he never forgets.

"We're looking at the screen and he just looks stiff. So we're just kind of looking around wondering what's going on here. After the cheers kind of died down he says "my brothers and sisters..good evening," You just kind of smiled when he said it and everyone chuckled and clapped," Broussard said.

Broussard is a former Ragin' Cajun Catholic and will be ordained as a Deacon in October. He hopes by 2014 he'll be a priest and serve here in Lafayette at St. John's.




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