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Dec 10, 2013 12:47 AM by Alex Labat

Lafayette Lights Up Once Again

It's not hard to miss the Couvillion home in Lafayette. It takes Kevin Couvillion more than a month and over 10,000 lights to get his home ready for Christmas...a home that's won the Lafayette lights contest two years in a row. "I holler every single year when I have to do it. I'm spending time changing lightbulbs and doing all this. But when it's all up and when it's all said and done, you know you look back and say, "Man I really enjoyed it and I'm glad I did it", says Couvillion.
The home is one of many listed on the Lafayette Lights webpage. Couvillion says he was driven to light the house for his daughters, even if the house does remind some of another oh-so-famous Christmas display. "My family has a little Clark Griswold ornament in the house that they play for me every now and again. But most people in the neighborhood are pretty receptive and don't make fun of me. The kids look forward to it and the parents always ask me if I'm doing it again" says Couvillion.
Jaci Russo, one of the developers of Lafayette Lights, says she's excited that the website is powered up once again, because after all, she uses it just like everyone else. "I wanted to know where the lights were to take my kids. It was very selfish. And I didn't know how to get the information of where everybody was. So doing this was the best way, so that way people could go list themselves and we could get as many entries as possible", says Russo.


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