Jul 31, 2012 7:33 PM by Erin Steuber

Lafayette inmates Facebooking in prison, investigation underway

First they're booked into jail then they're caught Facebooking while serving time. Two Lafayette Parish inmates under investigation after they started posting pictures of themselves behind bars. Even talking about when guards come in and what they're doing to pass the time.
The inmates joined Facebook at the beginning of the month. Sharing each detail of their lives in prison, one even posting a picture of himself in his cell. Captain Kip Judice with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office said they were completely unaware this was happening until KATC notified them based on a viewer tip.
"We want to stay on top of it, it's something we always want to be aware of, and unfortunately sometimes things will get past you," said Judice.
The inmates, Tommy Bourque and Robert Domingue, are not only communicating with the outside world, they are Facebook friends. Now, LPCC has launched a full investigation into how this happened. Both are suspects of, among other things, armed robbery. Bourque is suspected of armed robbery of a pharmacy back in 2010. He is already a convicted felon, meaning he is facing charges of possesion of a firearm. He has outstanding warrants in Acadia Parish and St. Landry.
The other inmate, Domingue, is also a previously convicted felon and is being held on a seperate armed robbery charge. Detectives say he was also found running an active meth lab.
"Every inmates is completely strip searched when they come into the facility," said Judice. "Certainly no body cavity searches are conducted unless there is a cause for it, there has to be some kind of cause for a cavity search."
According to Louisiana law anything within a jail facility can be considered contraband if it's not approved by the warden. It can vary by parish, but is punishable by law.
"In this case, a cell phone would be considered contraband," said Judice. "A report will be sent to the district attorney's office if we can substantiate what device it is that they used to post these things."
According to Judicce cell phones are becoming a hot commodity for inmates nationwide, and they are using unconventional means to get them in.


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